Market Fuel Price vs Fuel Formula Price

The market price is LKR 61.16 lower than the formula price as at 24 June 2022
Fuel prices updated on 24th June 2022
Source: Central Bank of Sri Lanka | Formula Price Calculation
Market Auto Diesel Price
LKR 400.00
per liter

as at 24 June 2022

Diesel Formula Price (with Taxes)
LKR 461.16
per liter

Since 24 June 2022

LKR 35.40
per liter

Sri Lanka Market Fuel Price vs Fuel Prices
Of Selected Countries

Exchange Rate as at 28 June 2022
1 USD = LKR 360.30
Source: Indian Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell | Pakistan state oil | Philippines Department of Energy | Bank of Thailand | Ceylon Petroleum Corporation |Nepal Oil Corporation | Malaysia Loan street
Equivalent of 92 Petrol is considered unless otherwise stated.